GMC Sierra 1500 Specials in Shelby, NC

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The GMC Sierra 1500: Sleek, Strong, and Surprising!

The GMC Sierra 1500 is a full-size, light-duty pickup truck that will tackle whatever your need may be. Designed to tow and haul with ease and provide comfortable seating, there are an incredible number of configurations available, including multiple engines, cabin sizes, bed lengths, drivetrains, and trim levels. These make the Sierra 1500 customizable and full of utility for whatever your driving needs may be. The Sierra 1500 allows you to use your preferred fuel source which makes it stand out from the crowd. Its optional a flex-fuel engine in addition to a regular gas engine can help you get great fuel economy even when hauling heavy loads. With the option of the Crew Cab, the Sierra 1500 can even be a family vehicle, complete with the LATCH system to connect your child’s car seat. The Sierra 1500 leaves little doubt in the minds of its owners. You’ll confident in the Sierra’s versatility- from family vehicle, to construction, to off-roading.

The Journey of the Sierra 1500

GMC has been making pickup trucks since 1918, but the Sierra was a trim level, not a model, until 1988. The Sierra you recognize today arrived in 1999 following a transition of ten years where the Sierra models were just known by their capability designations, 1500, 2500, or 3500. When the 1999 Sierra debuted with its name, there was also a redesign and new engines. These included a 255-horsepower V8 and a 345-horsepower V8, among others. The Quadra-steer was an option that came available in 2003 with a class-leading turning radius, but it was removed in 2006. By 2006, that generation ended, leaving a vehicle you would probably recognize thanks to its similarities to the pickup of today. The following generation expanded the trim options and introduced higher powered and more fuel efficient engines.



Why Buy from Renaldo Auto Group?

If you are looking for a truck that can handle heavy lifting while you ride in comfort with luxury amenities, then put the GMC Sierra 1500 at the top of your list. Come test drive a Sierra to see which is the best for you and your needs. Renaldo has the selection you are looking for at our dealership. When you visit Renaldo Auto Group, you can do more than just view makes and models. You can take them out for a spin and have our experts fill you in on the model and trim details. We’ll take you through the process of purchasing and financing your vehicle all in one place so you can ride out in a new Sierra 1500 free of stress. We also care for you after you have been driving around Shelby or conquering the roads in other places. Our team will help guide you through maintenance needs and provide you with options to keep your Sierra performing with vigor and looking stylish. See what our dealership can do for you, when you witness the Renaldo experience! Visit our dealership today and take a new or used GMC Sierra 1500 for a test drive!